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An intelligent computer bug escaping an organic machine

Metroidvania · Puzzle Platformer · Exploration · Indie · 2.5D


Bugg is an intelligent computer bug trapped in an organic machine. To break life in infinite loop, Bugg must explore an unknown world of computer-creature hybrids, bioluminescence, and living hardware. Bugg must collect, spawn, and control Bots to access unreachable areas. Together, Bugg and the Bots must collaborate and discover symbiotic relationships with the environment and its inhabitants to solve puzzles, gain empowering abilities, and ultimately... to escape.


Bugg is a 2.5D metroidvania puzzle-platformer set in an organic machine. On your journey:

  • Explore five interconnected bionic worlds
  • Interact with computer-creature hybrids and living hardware
  • Collect, spawn, and control Bots to access unreachable areas
  • Discover symbiotic relationships to solve puzzles
  • Collect artifacts that Bugg can adorn to gain new abilities


Downloadable Demo

For a limited time, you can download and test the Windows alpha-controls-demo which is focused on:

  • Character movement and abilities
  • The player controls
    • Demo requirements: Windows + a controller (XBox, PlayStation, etc.)

Download the alpha-controls-demo.zip

If you download it, please provide feedback (What works well? What doesn't?) via Twitter, a YouTube playthrough link, Zoom recording, email (dakknox at gmail) or whatever is easiest for you. A video recording of your session would be awesome if you can make it happen!


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